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 Sin would like to join

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Sin would like to join Empty
PostSubject: Sin would like to join   Sin would like to join Icon_minitimeThu Apr 24, 2008 8:49 am

Hey guys few of u guys already seen me arround on the server others i already got on xfire here is the information requested for my aplication if u have more question just ask me Smile

1. What name do you go by on our server? ->S!n

2. Do you have xfire? ( If yes what is your name?)yes... sharky1981

3. Why do you want to join us? I play alot on ur server and know a few of the members Smile

4. Are you able to offer anything to us? (This will not influence your recruitment.)
well since it will not influence my recruitment i wont suck cock but uhm im just a guy that wants to have fun Smile

5. Do you have any special playing skills? yeah my aimbot Razz well i stoped playing 2 years ago but already told that story to trooper Benny and Peanuts Smile

6. Are you interested in scrimming/ Clan wars?
ofc that will improve my skill and help me get my old skill back Smile

7. Will you agree to follow all orders that are given to you from your Commanding officer?
i follow orders from my wife all day long so few more i could handle

8. Will you agree to follow all the rules that have been set out?

9. Which clans have you been in so far?
well 2 years ago i played in MutanyGamers (USA) we ended 1st in the US ladder after i went eternal as a sniper because they were all weapons prob u dont know them but they ended 2nd of europe Smile and latly i joined Bravo

10. Do You have Teamspeak?Yes and Ventrillo to if needed

11. Do You have working microphone? yes Smile

here some personal info about me.. Smile

Nickname: Sin
Realname: Alex
Age: 26
Country: Holland
xfire: sharky1981
msn: miraclesharkbite@hotmail.com

hope u know enough else u know how to contact me


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Sin would like to join Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sin would like to join   Sin would like to join Icon_minitimeThu Apr 24, 2008 2:46 pm

Sounds like a good person Smile Benny - He's good person xD

you will get answer soon
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Sin would like to join
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